Clicker Heroes

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clickerheroesClicker Heroes is a very colorful and very interesting game where you have to travel through different areas and fight with different monsters and trolls. This game is all about your ability to click your mouse fast and kill the enemies. At the beginning of the game, the monsters are very weak and you will need a few smashes to defeat them. As soon as you kill the enemy, you will be given gold which you can spend later to upgrade your skills. For example you can upgrade the power of damage to kill monsters more faster. You should also keep in mind, that your duel time with each enemy is limited – if you can’t kill him in specific time, you will lose the round and won’t be given any gold. Also keep in mind, that you will need 10 wins to travel to a new area and face even more powerful enemies.


Clicker Heroes game will test your mouse skills, how fast your fingers are as well as your strategy how to invest your gold wisely and get the best results. As I have already mentioned before, the game is very colorful and the graphics is just awesome. All monsters and animals are very real, they move and make ugly faces while you punch them in face. This is a real journey that you can uncover just by your mouse, so don't waste time, play the full version of Clicker Heroes at our website right now and enjoy one of the most addictive flash games ever made.